Tyrol's warmest natural swimming lake

Guests staying with us at the Hotel Seehof can enjoy the nearby Lake Walchsee with its numerous sports and activities. The warmest natural swimming lake in Tyrol is just a ten-minute walk from our hotel. Or why not hire a bike from the hotel to shorten the journey?

  • Swimming on the eastern shore and promenade (free for guests of the Hotel Seehof)
  • Pedalos, rowing boats and electric-powered boats
  • Waterskiing, Stand Up Paddling (SUP), etc.
  • Bouncy castle and climbing tower on the lake

at Lake Walch­see

XC skiing and winter hiking

Cross-country skiing is a wonderfully peaceful and graceful sport which trains all the muscles in the body. Here on the shores of Lake Walchsee there is a large network of cross-country skiing trails in winter such as the Kaiserwinklloipe and the Seeloipe. Guests who prefer hiking will find a 5.5-kilometre trail around the lake. Two great ways to explore the Kaiserwinkl region during the cold months of the year.

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Lake Walchsee

Tyrol's warmest swim­ming lake

Covering a total area of around 100 hectares, Lake Walchsee to the west of Kössen is a haven for watersports enthusiasts during the summer months. There are plenty of spots along the shore where you can spread your picnic blanket, open up your sunshade and settle down for a relaxing day. In fact, regular checks by the regional government have shown that the 24°C water in Lake Walchsee is clean enough to drink! The lake includes the 800m² Wibit Aqua Funpark with a bouldering wall, blobbing and slides. Anglers will also find plenty of secluded spots to enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake.

Free Swim­ming
at Lake Walch­see

Take the plunge in one of Tyrol's warmest natural swimming lakes!

Guests staying with us at the Hotel Seehof receive the Kaiserwinkl Card free of charge, giving them free access to the eastern shore and the lakeside promenade.

Information for Dog Owners

Since 2016 there has been a special swimming area for dogs on the eastern shore of Lake Walchsee so that our four-legged friends can also cool off in summer.

Boat Hire
at Lake Walch­see

Fun and adventure down by the lakeside

While guests who like to take it easy can hire an electric boat or simply relax in the sun, those who need a little more action can rent a pedalo or rowing boat and set out on an adventure around Lake Walchsee. The best thing? If all that rowing or pedalling gets too much, simply dive off into the cool waters of the lake for a refreshing dip.

Holders of the Kaiserwinkl Card get 10% off pedalo hire and 6% off electric boat hire.

Stand Up
  • Fun and healthy sport great for the whole body
  • Boards and paddles available to hire at the lake
  • Contact:
Water Skiing
on Lake Walchsee

at the lake

in Tyrol

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Legends and history from the Kaiserwinkl region

The Walchsee Legend

Many years ago there was a large forest next to the area where Lake Walchsee stands today. It was a special forest with many rare animals and plants. On the far edge of the forest lived two farmers. Each claimed the forest belonged to him. First they talked to each other, then shouted, and finally swore at each other. Their children were forbidden from speaking to each other, let alone playing together. Whenever they saw each other in the village they would cross the road to avoid meeting. The feud became worse and worse. One day the two farmers met in “their” forest. They immediately began arguing. Eventually they fought each other for many hours, with neither ready to give in. All of a sudden the sky above darkened and a fearsome storm with thunder and lightning raged. The families of the two farmers heard a loud bang, followed by an eerie silence. On the spot where the farmers had fought each other there was now a spring. Soon the whole forest had disappeared, replaced by a magnificent lake. From that fateful day on the two farmers were never seen again.

History (after 1900)

Walchsee was officially recognised as a municipality by the regional government in 1972. The coat of arms shows a golden background with a blue wave breaking from left to right. This wave symbolises the most well-known and important feature of the municipality: the lake. It is this body of water which also gave the municipality its name.

Over the course of history Walchsee has remained relatively untouched by major developments in the world. The Romans came to the Inn Valley but did not extend their reach into the area of Walchsee. With the exception of a few fires, the region remained an untouched haven of nature until around 70 years ago. Tourism, road building and the initiative of local citizens have today made it one of the most popular holiday destinations in Tyrol.

History (before 1900)

Judging by its name, it is likely that the village of Walchsee is a very old settlement. The name Walchsee indicates that as well as Germanic peoples, “Walchen” (romanised Illyrians or Celts) settled here.

The name Walchsee can be found in documents from the 14th and 15th centuries (Walgsee, Walichsee), though this was often misinterpreted as having the same meaning as Waldsee or coming from the word “vallis” (valley lake). In fact, Walchsee was a “vicus Romanicus” (Roman settlement) inhabited by Romans and their descendents (known as Wallen or Walchen in Old German). The first documented record of Walchsee as a settlement can be found in a deed issued by Pope Eugen III in 1151 asserting his ownership of the Rott monastery (close to Rosenheim, Germany) and mentioning the settlements of Wachreine, Durholz and Walshe.

In 1749 a school and eremite settlement was built on the site. The rocks behind the Sedlmayr Chapel today still bear the marks of this cave-like eremitage. This eremitage was abandoned in 1853.