Cancellation condi­tions at the Hotel See­hof

§ 5 Rescission of the accommodation agreement

Rescission by the proprietor

5.1 If the accommodation agreement provides for a down payment and such down payment has not been made by the party in time, the proprietor may rescind the accommodation agreement without granting any grace period.

5.2 If the guest fails to arrive by 18:00 on the agreed date of arrival, the proprietor shall not be obliged to accommodate them unless a later time of arrival has been agreed upon.

5.3 If the party has made a down payment (see 3.3), the rooms shall be deemed reserved at the latest until 12:00 noon on the day following the date of arrival. If a down payment to the amount of more than four days has been made, the obligation to accommodate the guest shall end at 18:00 on the fourth day, the date of arrival being deemed the first day, unless the guest informs the proprietor of a later date of arrival.

5.4 Unless otherwise agreed, the proprietor may rescind the accommodation agreement for objectively justified reasons by means of a unilateral declaration at least three months before the agreed date of arrival of the party.

Rescission by the party

5.5 Up to one month prior to the agreed date of arrival of the guest, the accommodation contract may be cancelled by unilateral declaration by the contracting party without payment of a cancellation fee.

5.6 Outside the period specified in § 5.5, cancellation by unilateral declaration of the Party is possible only upon payment of the following cancellation fees: 100 % of the total arrangement price.

Obstacles to travel

5.7 If the party is prevented from arriving at the accommodating establishment on the date of arrival since this is impossible due to unforeseeable extraordinary events (e.g. extreme snowfall, floods etc.), the Party shall not be obliged to pay the agreed remuneration for the date of arrival.

5.8 The obligation to pay the remuneration for the booked stay shall revive as soon as the arrival becomes possible again provide d that it becomes possible within three days.

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