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Best Price Guarantee
4*S Hotel Seehof

The best price for your holiday

We guarantee that you will receive the best price for your holiday at www.seehof.com. Should you find a better offer on another website within 24 hours of receiving our booking confirmation, the Hotel Seehof will not only match that price but also provide an additional discount of xx% on the holiday which you have booked via www.seehof.com. We will also upgrade you to the next highest room category (depending on availability when you check in at the hotel).

The Best Price Guarantee at www.seehof.com is subject to the general terms and conditions – please read these carefully before sending any claim to the Hotel Seehof.

The Hotel Seehof will process your claim within 24 hours (weekdays only). Please send your claim to "reservierung@seehof.com".

Best Price Guarantee – general terms and conditions


The Best Price Guarantee at www.seehof.com applies only to reservations for the Hotel Seehof made via the website www.seehof.com.


If within 24 hours of making a booking via www.seehof.com you find an offer on another website which is cheaper than the price you booked at www.seehof.com (for the same hotel, same room category, same number of people, same date of arrival and departure), send an e-mail to the address provided above.


The terms and conditions for the cheaper offer (e.g. downpayment, change and cancellation conditions) must be the same as for the booking via www.seehof.com.


The cheaper offer must be publically accessible and bookable online.


The Best Price Guarantee for www.seehof.com does not apply to the following:

a. Offers by "hidden" providers on websites and auction sites, where the name of the hotel or the special hotel is only revealed after the booking has been completed and a payment has been made (e.g. priceline.com or hotwire.com).

b. Offers in which the hotel room is booked as part of a package together with, for example, flights, hire car, excursions, etc.

c. Offers which are not publically accessible such as those for individual companies, conferences or events which have been negotiated with the Hotel Seehof and only apply to specific companies or groups.

d. Offers made by bulk mail or e-mail.

e. Offers which are only provided to specific groups or individuals who meet certain criteria (e.g. membership of specific clubs or participation in private programmes).

f. Offers for long stays with more than word (number) consecutive overnight stays.

g. Pre-paid offers using a hotel voucher.



The comparison between the offer at www.seehof.com and the other offer is made net, without taxes, service charges and other fees connected to the room price.


If the offer is in a different currency for that used at www.seehof.com, the sum will be converted into the currency used at www.seehof.com using the exchange rate valid on the day when the claim is processed by the Hotel Seehof team.


For bookings lasting several days we will calculate the average price per night at www.seehof.com and the alternative provider and compare these sums.


The Best Price Guarantee via www.seehof.com does not apply in countries in which it breaches legal provisions.


The www.seehof.com – Münsterer Hotel GmbH reserves the right to change or cancel the Best Price Guarantee via www.seehof.com at any time.

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