Environmental Protection & Sustainability at the Seehof Luxury Hotel

In order to keep our unique region around the Walchsee and the Kaiserwinkl at Wilden Waider as beautiful and intact as it is today, we at Seehof do our best every day to be responsible and do the right thing for the environment.

Things we do at the Hotel Seehof for our ecological footprint:

Freshly-Harvested & Short Delivery Distances – Seasonal, Regional & Organic

In accordance with our regional and seasonal cuisine, we extensively use organic fruits and vegetables that are harvested in gardens, fields, and forests in the immediate vicinity. We prefer to use organic and fair-trade dairy, cheese, and meat product, along with eggs and fish, from regional producers with which we mostly have had a longstanding partnership.

Green & Highly Sustainable

As you can see in our tennis hall and garage, vegetated roofs not only look better – they also offer excellent insulation, keeping the inside cool during summer and warm during winter. Vegetated roofs can store rainwater very well and make it evaporate slowly. This creates excellent conditions for insects and other small life forms crucial to nature.

Warming & Co2-Neutral - The Seehof Wood Chip Heating System

Since 2005, we have been breaking new ground in heating our luxury hotel using our wood chip heating system: It is Co2-neutral and we generally burn residual forest wood and smallwood. The wood is also dried by the waste heat created when organic waste is burned – an energy cycle.