Nestled Between the State Capitals of Innsbruck and Salzburg

Are Exciting Things Worth Seeing in the City and Land Around Seehof am Walchsee

Do you want to go on an excursion with your loved one? Whether it’s fun and games or sightseeing: At Seehof, we offer numerous excursions for families with children, for city strollers, for art and culture aficionados, and anyone who likes to discover something new. We offer just the right things for all tastes.


Destinations in the immediate vicinity

Kufstein - Fortress

Distance: 20 km, approx. 22 minutes of travel time, Open daily

A mountain taken straight out of a fairy tale. The highly-visible Kufstein fortress, which is among Tyrol’s most important historical monuments, overlooks the city of Kufstein and the Inn Valley.

Marvel at the old walls with cannons, rock passages, and the many museums on the fortress’s premises. Enjoy the fantastic view of the environment. After coming back down, do not forget to take a nice stroll through the delightful Old City (Aldstadt) and stop at one of the idyllic open-air restaurants.

Ruhpolding- Theme park

Distance: 38 km, approx. 43 minutes of travel time, Open every day from 9:00 to 18:00

Beyond Tyrol’s borders - Discover a diversified world of games and adventure in Bavaria. Magical, exciting, thrilling, it offers loads of fun for both younger and older children alike. The Ruhpolding Game and Adventure World’s many beautiful and partially-roofed attractions is sure to score a lot of points with young & old alike, no matter what the weather! From a roller coaster, a climbing course, a mythological fairy tale world, and a family-friendly adventure restaurant, we have lots of wonderful attractions so that your entire family can have a day full of adventure.

Marquartstein - Märchen Theme Park

Distance: 23 km, approx. 27 minutes of travel time, Open every day from 9:00 to 18:00

Fun and Games for the Entire Family. Everything is more fun when done together.

The Bavarian Märchen Theme Park invites parents and children to experience fun and games together. Featuring a petting zoo, park railway, witch school, a water play area along with a summer toboggan run, the hours will fly by very quickly as you’re having the time of your life.

Pillerseetal - Family Theme Park

Distance: 35 km, approx. 40 minutes of travel time, Open every day from 9:00 to 18:00 (May – October)

An Outright Adventure in Pillerseetal. Unique Attractions for Young & Old.

Action and fun, guaranteed. Our 22m high “Big Bang” rollercoaster, the “Wild Raft” – Austria’s only rafting facility - , pirate ship, and cowboy western swing will excite both young and old adrenaline junkies alike.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds Wattens

Distance: 79 km, approx. 53 minutes of travel time, Hours of operation: Open daily from 8:30 to 19:30, Extended hours of operation in summer

Where Millions of Crystals Sparkle. A Wondrous Trip into the World of the Giant.

You will be amazed! Swarovski’s crystal world, featuring the giant created by André Heller, is a vibrant place of fantasy. Its sparkling art chamber at the belly of the giant will leave you stunned, and the exciting garden will invite you to explore and have fun. Numerous events, especially for families with children, make the Crystal Worlds a year-round highlight for visitors.

Innsbruck - Tyrol’s State Capital

Distance: 94 km, approx. 70 minutes of travel time

Following the Footsteps from the Past to the Modern World – Discover Tyrol’s State Capital.

Innsbruck’s picturesque Old City (Altstadt) is always worth visiting. Maria Theresien Straße, Innsbruck’s promenade, not only offers you a wonderful view of the peak of the Nordkette, but if you continue walking straight from here, you will also reach Innsbruck’s landmark, the Golden Roof, and many other historical attractions, such as the Innsbruck Dome, and the Innsbruck Hofburg Palace featuring the famous Hofkirche (Court Church) or Church of the Black Men. Diverse museums, shops, and culinary attractions will make your visit to Innsbruck an exciting experience.

Ambras Castle - Tyrol

Distance: 94 km, approx. 70 minutes of travel time, Hours of operation: Daily from 10:00 to 17:00

Take a Majestic Stroll Through the Royal Garden & Enjoy the Art and Culture of the Habsburg Family.

Follow the royals’ footsteps in Innsbruck. Standing 635 metres tall, the highly-visible Renaissance castle is located at Innsbruck’s south-eastern city limits.  The castle is a popular location for taking a stroll in the picturesque castle garden or to take a closer look at the important collections from the Habsburg era, the quaint chambers of art and marvels along with the armoury. There are also special tours for children, making castle visits exciting for the little ones as well. Don’t forget to take a detour in the castle park to the duck pond and behold the many types of ducks there.

Tyrol Panorama at the Kaiserjäger Museum

Distance: 94 km, approx. 70 minutes of travel time, Hours of operation: WED - MON, 9:00 to 17:00

Learn about Tyrol’s diversity and discover a special museum with special insights and outlooks.

There is no better place to get up close and personal with Tyrol’s history than in this special museum. The Tyrol Panorama, an architectural marvel worth visiting, is located at Berg Isel and is dedicated to the “Tyrol Legend” and all of its often contradictory facets. A visitor’s highlight at the Tyrol Panorama is, without a doubt, Tyrol’s largest work of art: the Innsbruck Giant Circular Painting. Encompassing about 1,000 m² with a breathtaking 360-degree view, the panorama image displays Andreas Hofer’s struggle for Tyrol’s freedom on 13 August 1809. This is a work of art that you surely do not want to miss. From Tyrol Panorama, you will also have a very good view of Europe’s tallest bridge, the Europa Bridge along with the well-known Bergisel Ski Jump, which was created from the blueprints of star architect Zaha Hadid.

The Nordkette Innsbruck

Distance: 94 km, approx. 70 minutes of travel time

Experience the remarkable Nordkette up close and personal - At the Karwendel nature park high above Innsbruck.

The Nordkette is a marvel to behold, even when viewed at the bottom from the city. Thanks to the Innsbruck Nordkette cable car, paying the Nordkette a visit is very easy and makes for an unforgettable experience for the entire family that is unique in Europe: from Innsbruck’s Old City, you will reach the high alpine terrain, located 2256 metres above sea level, in just 20 minutes.

After getting a glimpse of the Bergisel Ski Jump, created from the blueprints of Zaha Hadid, you will first take the Hungerburgbahn’s funicular railway to a beloved family excursion destination, the Innsbruck Alpenzoo (750m) and the Hungerburg (860m). Then it’s on to the Seegruberbahn railway at the Seegrube (1905m) and finally the Hafelekarbahn at the Hafelkar summit station (2256 m). From here, you will have a breathtaking 360-degree view of Tyrol’s state capital.

Innsbruck Alpenzoo

Distance: 20 km, approx. 22 minutes of travel time, Open daily April – October 9:00 to 18:00, March – November 9:00 to 17:00

A family experience high above Innsbuck - A visit to the Alpenzoo.

Come visit the Alpenzoo and take a stroll through our beautiful facilities, featuring the best view of Tyrol’s state capital! The Innsbruck Alpenzoo is the only “thematic zoo” of its kind worldwide, exhibiting a full collection of animals from the European Alps region in its enclosures, aviaries, aquariums, and outdoor terrariums. They also include moose, and you can see them at the Alpenzoo as well. Featuring expansive Tyrolean farm terrain with a petting zoo and a large playground, the Innsbruck Alpenzoo offers enough diversity for all ages.

Salzburg – The State Capital of Salzburg

Distance: 82 km, approx. 90 minutes of travel time

Salzburg, the city of festivals, art, and culture. A visitor magnet for children and adults.

Our Seehof is also an ideal point of departure for an excursion into Tyrol’s neighbouring state, Salzburg, and its eponymous capital. Take a stroll through this festive city’s unique Altstadt or Old City. Wander through the picturesque alleys, such as the famous Getreidegasse featuring Mozart’s birthplace. Discover traditional cafés and chic boutiques, palaces and squares reminiscent of Italian style, or take a walk up the remarkable Hohensalzburg Castle, dating back to 1077, and experience a fantastic view of the city and surrounding area. Salzburg also offers art and culture with its numerous, diverse museums, from the Haus der Natur, which is mainly of interest for families, to the Museum der Moderne at Mönchsberg. A visit to Salzburg wouldn’t be complete without a detour to the famous Mirabell Baroque Palace with its trick water fountains beloved by young & old alike.


Distance: 37 km, approx. 50 minutes of travel time

Visiting the "Gamsstadt" (Chamois City). Home of Lustre, Brilliance, and Tyrolean Traditions.

Take a stroll through this Alpine city’s charming alleys. Here, you can experience traditional Tyrol and modern lifestyle in close harmony. The Chamois City also features exclusive, fine Michelin-star cuisine and elegant, world-famous boutiques.

Aurach - Wildlife Park

Distance: 41 km, approx. 55 minutes of travel time

1100 metres high at the heart of the Kitzbühl Alps. The Aurach Wildlife Park.

Over 200 animals, mainly from the Alpine region, have made this nature and animal paradise their home. From red and fallow deer, ibexes and wild boars to household pets such as donkeys and goats, you will also find lynxes and many types of birds and ducks in Aurach. You will also be surprised at our exotic species such as llamas, kangaroos, or Siamese pot-bellied pigs.

As a member of the Austrian Game Reserve Association, the Aurach Wildlife Park guarantees humane treatment of its animals. Visitors such as yourself can get an up close and personal look at animals that live in open-air enclosures. The beloved petting barn and the “Wildspielpark” playground are also popular locations for young & old alike.

Fohlenhof Ebbs

Distance: 15 km, approx. 20 minutes of travel time, Open daily for tours

Fohlenhof Ebbs - A Haflinger Wonderland.

The world centre of Haflinger horses in Ebba is an all-around impressive travel destination. Over 100 Tyrolean Haflingers await you at this large and modern horse breeding farm, from foal to the famous stallions. You can marvel at these beautiful animals outdoors at spacious paddocks with a panorama of the Kaiser. The adjoining museum provides information about the Haflingers, and there is even a children’s playground. Be sure not to miss the Haflinger show. This 60-minute programme will vividly illustrate the many uses for Haflingers. There are also horseback riding lessons and romantic carriage rides available at Fohlenhof Ebbs.

Ebbs Rarities Zoo

Distance: 18 km, approx. 20 minutes of travel time, Open daily from 9:00 to 18:00

At the foot of the Zahmen Kaiser at Kufstein. A beloved excursion destination for the entire family.

The Ebbs rarity zoo is a must for nature and animal aficionados and Tyrol’s only park with so many exotic animals. Over 500 animals from 70 different types of animals from all over the world have made this private and scientific zoo their home. This rarity zoo has received the “very good” rating for animal-friendly husbandry and zoological care – a testament to the quality criteria of Austria’s top zoo and the park’s ongoing commitment to improving animal husbandry and zoological standards. All guests can feel and experience the familiar atmosphere in this unique park thanks to the garden’s numerous details and decorations. From diverse, small birds to parrots and emus, coatis, kangaroos, and different types of monkeys, a koi pond and a farm, the Ebbs rarity zoo has enough attractions to provide hours of unforgettable fun.